Top Dream Recollection Tips With a Focus on Dream Symbols

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Remembering is Key We wake up and simply don't remember most of our dreams - that's the reality - we may have 3-6 dreams per night for an average 7-8 hour night's sleep, but we're lucky if we remember a few dreams per week.
Since most dreams come during the late hours just before we awake, you're more likely to remember dreams just after they occur (i.
, right after you awake).
If you don't record your memory within even one hour after waking, you may forget it entirely or forget important details (names, places, faces, symbols).
Meditate on your Dream and do so in the Morning We have a whole section on dream meditation tips that will walk you through some excellent advice on focusing on dreams and symbols, but the key here is to do your medication first thing in the morning - preferably, when you awake and are first recalling the dream.
Go into your medication steps and meditate about the dream symbols used, persons, places, etc.
to help bring clarity.
Do this even on dreams that don't appear to have any Christian dream symbols or messages readily apparent.
There still may be something below the surface of your memory that can be brought out through meditation.
Use a Digital Recorder Now that we're in the digital age, we recommend using a digital recorder as your 'dream journal' and having this by your nightstand.
When you awake, you simply hit record and capture as much as you can recall.
Like the device pictured, these are small and inexpensive devices (usually run less than $100 and even less on eBay) and you can then upload your digital file to your computer via a USB port.
There you can easily transcribe into notes if you wish or even keep a spreadsheet of themes or Christian dream symbols that may have appeared, including the date.
There's even software that can do the transcription for you and these programs are getting better and better.
You're basically starting your own Christian dream symbol database as your own personal reference and can more easily spot patterns like repetitive dream symbols or pictures and can document the timeline of when these appear.
Another bonus of the digital recorder is your ability to capture your emotions on tape which may be very important - how were you feeling, what were you feeling during the dream and after you awoke - something more difficult to capture in a static journal or notebook.
Also record (or write down) all dreams that you remember for a period of time.
While no particular symbol may be immediate to you, it may take a series of dreams over a period of time to understand the meaning of the entire sequence.
So document all of your dreams! For more tips and ideas to help spot Christian dream symbols or other types of symbolism in your dreams, join us at ChristianDreams.
org today!
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