Do We Recognize Ourselves?

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We recognize famous people, we recognize our family members, we recognize our belongings.
But do we recognize ourselves? There are a very high percentage of us who do not recognize who and what we truly are.
On a soul level we are all equal, on a human level there seems to be a great divide.
Our souls are here to learn and evolve.
We are unique divine beings who have all the answers and we also have all the problems.
Some of you will think this is not true and will be already forming arguments against this statement.
But the truth of the matter is that we do create our life events we do create mayhem for our selves.
But do we own this? No not always, we blame others and by blaming others we give away our personal power our light which is divinely ours.
Look how we put people on pedal stalls and perceive that they have the answers.
When we do this are light gets dimmer and we become powerless in a very subtle way.
But think on this: the more power we give away the weaker we become which will eventually leave us feeling stuck.
We deny those parts of us we perceive we do not posses and of course we do posses them we just don't recognize them.
What we admire, aspire to, in essence what we see in others, is in us.
Be it a label of good or bad.
We have all the players within us to play out the play! The problem or block for most of us is that we do not want to own certain parts of ourselves, so we become Parts, instead of being whole.
Being fragmented can be very draining on us and quite often we do not recognize this in us.
Just by recognizing all parts of ourselves we become empowered and lighter and we can go into battle with all the tools we will ever need.
But we need to recognize ourselves first! We have not come here to be other peoples cheer leaders; we are here to be our own cheer leaders.
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