Uses for Beeswax & Palm Oil

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    • Since both of these are natural products, they are often considered a safer choice for candles. Unlike paraffin candles, they do not emit black smoke when burned, which makes them more eco-friendly.


    • The fatty substances in both products make them perfect ingredients for cosmetics. They are used in chapsticks or lip balms to condition dry lips. Also, they can appear in eyeliners to make it easier for the liner to adhere to the skin.


    • The beeswax is a natural moisturizer. It helps form the soap and protects and hydrates the skin. The palm oil has a high concentration of carontenoids and vitamin A, which clears blemishes and acts as a natural exfoliate.


    • Many organic lotions and body moisturizers also contain beeswax and palm oil. Beeswax helps the skin retain the moisture and palm oil contains vitamin E.

    Hair Removal

    • The beeswax and palm wax (made from palm oil) are popular options for hair removal waxing.

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