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At the school we have milk some contacts with to be as to I'm substitute for nursing on when their nurse their on their nurse calls out and they don’t have anyone to replace the calls to see if we have a nursing LPN or Rot hay would like to come from the data got stay with the school with the children on but we have also we teach we take your children there as young as for to 18 for cerebral palsy for muscular astrophysics for autism mom for ADD hungers your brain injuries on all of that so we have the whole gamut from your private care that wants to have a nanny.
The house to your youngest child that you need some respite so that when you come home you can at least get dinner ready for your other children right you even while babies you ever visit the day cares I'm like that on we have many other clients go to daycare but arm like Melbourne I think is medical now so they have their own her son's death you just think and say chose used to have a medical model to so a lot of that times that the client will go there for the day while there there's more and more children take care up there mom and dad in their own homes are they built apartments next to them so that they can work and then what whether at work they need to know their say so we do safety checks to just like Meals on Wheels on people get meals on wheels and there's that one safety check during the day that you know.
They're OK and if they're not been a have to calling you know and so they find you know ways but so with a lot that you really are like that doctor Debby MD we feel we r we even drop insulin for for patients weapons and Salt Lake so because their hands are shaky they can't do it when they can't see so we'll even go into that you know that’s why minutes cool is there was this particular issue with one child good has to have a certain medications absolutely stern's schooners II there are different levels of Nursing that that you have to be qualified for you know if your certified nurse you can if you're not our LPN Slimming Cleanse or RN you can do most to those traits RN's can do been leader care are pick lines which are interventions.
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