One"s Conscience Is Spirit Related

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The living force within all life comes from the Great Creative Spirit of the Universe.
Its presence is felt within and especially when one goes against it.
Performing acts against another, for example, will bring a feeling of depression, anxiety, guilt, and may eventually lead to suicide or worse.
That may involve killing others beforehand.
The sudden rush of adrenalin when committing such acts is not meant as a thrill but as a warning that life is in danger.
It is automatically triggered by the conscience and anyone in tune with the Spirit knows that it is not healthy.
Just about everything of the Spirit has been overturned by religious doctrines and by modern societies that seek to worship man's power rather than that of God.
Those attached to the voice within will usually not do what others may do and will quickly part company if such behaviour is against what they know is right.
Our conscience is our guiding force and when we listen to it our lives improve dramatically and the things of the world become as nothing.
Many will give up assets and surrender themselves entirely to the Spirit.
They may work in a voluntary way for the benefit of those less fortunate.
They also respect the environment and other life, even to the point of protecting it.
The bottom line is the real God is in control even over the adverse forces of destruction.
The Spirit is not a man sitting above the clouds dictating to servants who carry out its will.
It is the little voice within that directs everything and everyone and its ruling force is one's conscience.
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