The Correct Utilization Of Clip In Extensions

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It is a well-known proven fact that clip in extensions can offer a radical change of look with no harm to your overall hair - or fortunately, your purse! When worn properly, clip-in extensions can modify an individual's appearance and supply a genuine confidence boost. However, it's unfortunate that lots of people don't stick to the right procedure when utilizing their extensions. For example, unlike popular belief, they shouldn't be worn overnight!

What exactly is the best way to use clip in extensions? Hair piece experts and regular retailers of extensions would recommend such as the following key stages in your health:

1) Hair should be freshly cleaned

You should freshly clean hair before you decide to place your clip in extensions - otherwise, because of skin oils within the hair, the clips won't secure correctly. In addition, to be able to attain the best 'blended' look, hair ought to be free from any hair care product e.g. spray or serum. After that you can use all of your regular items following the extensions are applied.

2) Back comb the roots of the natural hair

You should provide some 'purchase' for that clips - so make sure you back comb your natural hair in the roots. Start in the crown area and come lower. Remember: don't use any hair product at this time!

3) Comb clip in extensions from tip to root (not the other way round!)

Lay the clip-in extensions on the flat working surface and thoroughly comb out each weft in the tip towards the root. Working upwards towards the root may prevent tearing your hair out.

4) Use the least weft in the nape of the neck

Start with the least weft and put it on near to the roots in the nape of the neck. Secure in position. Work upwards, departing a couple.5 " gap and use the next weft. Continue doing this using the remaining wefts, departing exactly the same space every time to make sure even, throughout volume and length. The ultimate weft ought to be applied in the tip from the ear.

5) Make reference to manufacturer's recommendations

Clip in extensions could be blow dried, curled or straightened out truly on the awesome setting. Don't sleep inside your clip in extensions or else you might destroy your natural hair hair follicles in addition to leading to harm to the extensions themselves. Use specifically developed shampoo and conditioner unless of course otherwise mentioned. And try to make reference to the manufacturer's recommendations for just about any special safeguards.

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