Outfit Your Kitchen with Quality Cookware at Affordable Prices

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If there's one thing I've learned watching the plethora of cooking shows on television these days, it's that my underequipped kitchen is probably the biggest reason that I'm not a TV-quality chef. I'm not suggesting that the tools make the meal, but really, it's a given that having the right cooking tool for the job makes a big difference in your end result. Whether you enjoy baking, gourmet cooking or putting your food on the barbie, finding quality cookware at affordable prices can really help you step up your cooking game. If you spend even one delightful afternoon watching the top chefs on the online cooking channels make their magic, it's not hard to compile a wish list of absolute must-have cooking tools that would outfit your kitchen with quality cookware - at affordable prices, of course.


One of the most versatile pieces of cookware in any kitchen is a non-stick stainless steel wok. The wide bowl and sloping sides make it ideal for stir-frying vegetables, meat and seafood, but you'll find yourself pulling it out for many other kitchen tasks as well. Add a set of bamboo steamers or a steaming rack, and it becomes the ideal container for steaming fresh fish, seafood and vegetables. Add spices to the simmering water or use your favorite tea instead of water for an amazingly delicate flavor imparted to your steamed foods.


If you don't own a set of Rachel Ray oval Bubble & Brown baking dishes, you don't know what you're missing. The set includes 1-quart and 1.5-quart ceramic dishes with shallow, sloping sides that are absolutely ideal for your side dishes, casseroles and baked fruit desserts. Try baking scalloped potatoes, apple brown Betty or baked macaroni and cheese in them and you'll never go back to a standard baking pan.


There's a reason that chefs always carry their own knives when they cook away from home. Excellent cutlery is the single most important ingredient in cooking. If you don't believe it, just try cooking a meal from scratch with just a single knife - any knife. The right set of knives lets you make short work of trimming meat, filleting fish, chopping vegetables and just about any cutting task in your kitchen. At the very least, you want a paring knife, a chef knife, a bread knife and a santoku, easily one of the handiest and most versatile cutting tools you'll find anywhere.

Food Storage

Even the best cooks sometimes have to store leftovers. Wrapping foods in foil just doesn't cut it to keep all of your ingredients and leftovers fresh. For that, you want a variety of food storage items, including specialty storage canisters and containers to keep your vegetables crisp, your cheeses soft and your fish from stinking up everything else in the fridge.

Of course, high quality kitchen tools and cookware come with a price, but you don't have to bankrupt yourself to afford a few quality pieces. You'll find high quality cookware at affordable prices when you shop online. If you're used to bargain basement kitchen tools, the quality will astound you - and if you're accustomed to paying top dollar in pricey home and kitchen stores, the prices will make you do a double take. Make up your wish list, and go shopping for quality cookware. You'll be amazed what a difference it makes in your cooking.
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