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Do you need to lose weight, but how? Lose weight quickly by changing your mindset about food and exercise.
If you don't know how or where to start, here are a few ideas to get you started.
Find a place where you feel that you fit in.
A place that suits your life style and your goals.
If you are still wondering how? Lose weight quickly by implementing some of the following ideas:
  • You have to start by being accountable for the number of calories that you consume
  • For more help you can try a gym and a personal trainer
  • You can start by creating a walking group with some friends
  • Another option could be joining a running club
  • Take up horseback riding
  • If you love dancing taking up dancing is a very good idea
How lose weight quickly - stick to a plan!
If you are worried about weight loss and wonder how? Lose weight quickly by getting a plan and sticking to it.
If you have a bad day and cheat, forgive yourself, immediately, and start again the very next day.
The most important thing is, be active!
The best starting point is being around other active people.
If you are a loner though, set out on the open trail and bike to the next city, museum or café and find a way to develop an active lifestyle.
Make sure you have no excuses:
Keep the equipment that you need clean, ready and stocked so that there are no excuses.
Clean gym clothes in the gym bag, a packed ski bag.
Keep a journal:
Keep more than one journal in case you leave one somewhere.
Keep a notebook in the car or your knap sac, one beside the bed and one by the refrigerator.
It is also important to keep a file on the blackberry.
Make sure you keep accurate records of food eaten, the calories they contained and minutes of exercise each day.
These simple habits can help with fast weight loss.
Set goals and rewards:
Make intermediate goals.
Give yourself a reward for staying on track.
I will buy new underwear when I have reached the first goal.
I will get a massage when I reach the second goal, noticing how both rewards helped me to reach my third goal sooner than expected, so I will go shopping for a new dress for Christmas.
If money is an issue, try other types of rewards.
Give yourself time to visit a friend or relative that you enjoy spending time with, or give yourself time to write the outline of the book you have been putting off writing.
Whatever the reward is, it should be meaningful to you and awarded immediately after reaching a specific and measurable goal.
Fast weight loss doesn't always stay off, so have a plan to keep the new healthy fit lifestyle and long-term goals and rewards for sticking to the plan.
  • Have a clothing trade with some girlfriends.
  • Book a much desired holiday, making sure you include active, healthy choices.
    Choices such as a ski trip to enjoy the outdoors in winter or a hot vacation where you can do yoga, swim and golf between a good book on the beach.
    Include healthy meals or a liquid fast.
  • There are many resorts and retreats that specialize in helping to keep you on track but also in jump-starting a sagging lifestyle.
Wondering how, lose weight quickly by sticking to a plan.
Get fit, get healthy and lose weight fast.
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