Overcoming Self Hate - 5 Secret Tips to Turbocharge Your Success

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Dealing with self hate or a feeling of worthlessness can be extremely difficult. Low self esteem can affect your relationships, work and confidence. It generally starts at a young age either from a parent telling you that you could do better or comparing you to another or from school when others are doing better and you may be getting bad marks in school. No matter what caused the problem, it is a problem and there is nothing wrong with you! You should always remember that you are important and you do have something to contribute even if it is small. Here are some tips on how to deal with self hate, and hopefully, overcome it:

1. Try talking to someone, whether it's a professional or a friend or family member that you trust, there is someone that can help you talk things out.

2. Don't be so critical! Part of your problem is that you are too hard on yourself. Everyone makes mistakes and it isn't something to be mad at yourself over or to kick yourself in the butt over. Just tell yourself that it's ok and you will try harder or do it differently next time.

3. Dealing with depression can seriously help a case of self hate. Talk to a doctor about being depressed and see if they can't prescribe you some medication to fix it.

4. Try to make friends. If you don't have any friends or you are too shy to talk to people, post an ad on Craig's List or another local site. There are plenty of ways to meet people and having someone to hang out with that share the same view s as you can be hugely helpful.

5. Improve your self image. Every morning when you get up to brush your teeth, tell yourself that it's going to be a good day. Remind yourself of the things that you have to offer to other people and the world. Give yourself a pep talk. After a while, you won't need the talk but you will still feel better about yourself.

No matter why you have these feelings of self hate, there are ways to fix them. If you don't you could end up being a recluse, hiding from people, doing all your shopping online. This is a horrible existence. Try some of these tips and see if they don't help any, it could save your life in the end.
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