How to Cook With Barbecue Smoke

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    • 1). Acquire a smoker. There are several types of smokers available including ones that use heat and steam, and traditional wood smokers. The smoker needs to be able to provide a heat source and trap smoke around the meat.

    • 2). Purchase meat. Decide what type of meat you want to cook. Meat is defined by its cut and a diagram of cuts can be found online.

    • 3). Season the meat. Use your favorite seasoning and cooking liquid during this step. A cooking liquid could be wine, oil or vinegar. You can immerse your meat in a cooking liquid to marinade it or you can inject it. Rub seasoning on the outside of the meat.

    • 4). Select cooking fuel. Acquire charcoal and wood chips, which will add smoke to the cooking process. Soak the wood in a bucket of water for 1 hour before using.

    • 5). Ignite your barbecue. Use a barbecue thermometer to regulate the heat of the coals. The heat should be in the range of 200 to 250 degrees F for a good tender end product.

    • 6). Wrap your meat in aluminum foil. Keep the top of the meat exposed in order to catch the smoke.

    • 7). Place the meat on the smoking device and close the lid. This allows the envelopment of smoke around the meat.

    • 8). Wait and be patient. Cooking at a low temperature will cause cooking times to increase.

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