The Weakest Link is Not the Weakest Link

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I've heard that phrase, "the weakest link," more in the last couple years than in the entire rest of my life.
Television notwithstanding, we're all familiar with the metaphor, "A chain is only as strong as its weakest link.
" I was pondering this idea as it applies to a team of people.
Following this metaphor, the weakest link would be considered the person who could bear the least pressure, produce the least, or was otherwise considered least able to succeed.
And on every team, there always seems to be some guy who insists the team can meet the proposed goal anyway.
That guy is the actual weakest link.
That guy will set the team up for failure with delusions of invincibility.
That guy will push others in unsustainable ways.
That guy ignores reality and bulldozes balance and wisdom in the process.
So, how does this apply to us as individuals? In each of our lives, there are strong spots (lifelong friendships, career success, good credit) and weak spots (estranged siblings, conflict at home, unaddressed grief or trauma).
And at times, we get fired up about a goal and set about making it happen.
We're excited, we're in the flow, we're determined to see it through.
But within each of us, there's a that guy who can turn a blind eye to our weak spots and push us to power through.
It doesn't work, and then we get discouraged and make up inaccurate stories about why it didn't work.
In pursuing our goals, we need to take all our life areas into account, accept the truth of each, and address the weak spots before striking out into new territory.
If we don't, our denial of our weaknesses will drain energy from our intentions and sabotage our efforts.
They become the big pink elephants standing between us and our goal.
When we do accept and address our weaknesses, however, the energy and strength that's available for pursuing our goals increase phenomenally! There's a double payoff of eliminating a drain and opening a tap.
For some, simply acknowledging these weak spots and forgiving themselves for the perceived deficit of having them is a huge step in the right direction and starts shifting everything else for the better.
Accepting our humanness is a key step to accessing our unlimited creative power --the power we have because we're lucky enough to be human! Neat how that works.
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