The Law of Attraction Made Easy Using the Art of Allowing

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Stop Working so Hard Your fastest and best way to find the vibrational harmony with your Higher Self is to float in the stream.
This is the Art of Allowing.
Your life is a broad and slow moving stream at first.
If you start paddling you are as likely to paddle in up stream or across the stream as downstream.
If you just stop, ask for assistance and pay attention, you will begin to sense the frequency of your Higher Self.
Your emotions are a great guide.
If you feel happy, you're restoring alignment.
If you feel frustrated, sad or angry, you're out of alignment.
And, the strength of those emotions is an indicator of the power of that mis-alignment.
If you are feeling fear, this is a long way from joy.
However, joy is downstream because everything you've ever desired has already been manifested downstream.
This causes the current to run.
This is the stream of allowing.
Simply remember who you are.
You are Source energy inside a body.
Relax in the Water and you'll Begin to Float Whether you are in a canoe or swimming, once you relax you'll soon discover the direction of the current.
Don't worry about the distance or the speed of the current.
All your logical thought aligns you with Ego which is not a spiritual entity and will only slow you down.
Doing nothing is not the way either.
Sitting at home watching TV will not help you to align with the flow.
Meditation helps you to synchronize with the flow.
Meditation will help your awareness of the flow.
Everyone of the Master Law of Attraction teachers meditates.
Meditation helps you to relax and will help to connect you with spiritual energies.
There is nothing to overcome.
If there is something to learn, you will be inspired once you are quiet and ready to listen.
The current will carry you in the right direction.
This is faster than trying to figure out which way to paddle.
This is the art of allowing.
This is faith.
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