Best Kosher Rice Recipes

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For a quick and easy-to-prepare side dish that goes well with almost any main dish, use one of these kosher rice recipes. According to the USA Rice Federation, rice provides complex carbohydrates, fiber, essential vitamins and minerals, and beneficial antioxidants. Rice is sodium-, cholesterol-, and gluten-free, and it has only a trace of fat. And given the great popularity of this grain, you'll please both adults and children at the table when you serve rice.

1. One Pot Chicken and Rice Meal

This recipe cooks the chicken and the rice together in the same pot. The rice is delicious as it absorbs the juices from the chicken. Make sure that the chicken is sealed tightly when cooking so that the steam stays in the pot and keeps the chicken moist.More »

2. Kids Favorite Fried Rice

This Fried Rice is my family's latest favorite dinner. It contains everything needed for dinner in one dish -- carbs from rice, protein from eggs, and nutrients from vegetables. We often change the vegies in the dish according to what we have on hand. And best of all when it comes to dinner prep, this delicious rice dish is easier to prepare then you would expect.More »

3. Mediterranean Rice Pilaf with Curry and Raisins

Pilaf is a Middle Eastern and Central Asian dish in which a grain is browned in oil and then cooked in a seasoned broth. This Rice dish, with curry and raisins, tastes like a pilaf, even though the recipe skips browning. The Mediterranean flavor of this rice makes it the perfect side dish for a lamb entree.More »

4. Easy Vegetable Rice Pilaf

This easy vegetable rice pilaf recipe is perfect for when you need a quick, but festive side dish. When I have invited guests for Shabbat and am in a hurry, I serve chicken soup, roast chicken, roast vegetables and this rice pilaf. If there are lots of kids at the table, I use white rice instead of brown rice.More »

5. Bukharian Rice - Plov

My 12-year-old son, who is by far our family's pickiest eater, came home from his friend's house singing praises about this amazing rice dish. The song went something like this, "It was the most delicious dinner I have ever eaten in my whole life!" Of course I immediately called Ilanit for the recipe. I was happy to discover he was talking about a rice, chicken, vegetable combination prepared in one pot. Without further ado, enjoy Ilanit's Bukharian Rice recipe.More »

6. Rice with Carrots

Rice with Carrots is easy to prepare. Simply saute onion and carrots, and then add rice and boiling water. My kids love this Sabbath side dish because the onions and carrots add sweet flavor to the rice.More »

7. Saffron Rice with Pine Nuts and Pistachios

"Rice again?" Surprise your family by serving this delicious and festive Saffron Rice with Pine Nuts and Pistachios, which has been tried and tested by Ohio Caterers Paula Levine Weinstein and Julie Komerofsky Remer.More »

8. Cranberry Rice Salad

For a perfectly satisfying summer supper, serve this Cranberry Rice Salad, which has been tried and tested by Ohio Caterers Paula Levine Weinstein and Julie Komerofsky Remer, with grilled fish or chicken.More »
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