Whats It Like To Wake Up?

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On most days I feel terrible when I wake up. Physically I don't feel all that great, but the worst is how I feel emotionally. Which is to say that on most mornings I wake up with dread, depressed, and full of resistance toward life. I'd like to sleep for a million years.

Now I realize that to most of you that sounds like symptoms of a depressed person. In truth though, I consider myself a pretty happy person (maybe happier than most even) and I suppose the worst you could say about me is that I'm a bit of a bickerer and a grouch (no, I don't like Christmas much). But that's more of a hobby than anything else.

Seriously, I'm pretty well adjusted- at least I feel that I am. So why do I have the morning dread? Honestly, I myself do not know the answer the question. All I can think of is that deep down I far prefer the sleep state over the woken one. Maybe it's a great form of meditation, or maybe it's just the biggest escape of all. Fortunately, within 10-20 minutes of waking up I'm almost always back on track again, humming a tune, brushing my teeth, and feeling a little grumpy again.

So how do you feel when you wake up? I see some people who are real go getters get out of bed and be out the door on their way to work within a half an hour. With a smile on their face nonetheless! That to me is as equally as puzzling as the way I feel when I have to get out my warm cozy cocoon of a bed. How could you possibly be eager to wake up? I don't know, but I think it's great that not all people are like me. It might be a sadder world than it already is.
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