Three Simple Keys To Success

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During 2006 I developed a new keynote address I shared with several audiences that covers what I believe are the three keys to lasting success, happiness and aworthwhile lifestyle.
Thethree keys are: what you believe, what you know and what you do.
These ultimately determine your inner peace, lifestyle, direction in life and everything you will become, accomplish and do with your time while you are here.
I do not mean to imply that these are easy to master and weave effectively into your life but they are simple concepts.
Ultimately your happiness, success, peace, satisfaction and contentment are either gained or lost because of them.
Let's briefly look at each of the three and how they can impact your life.
What you believe.
Each of us came into this world and were conditioned by our parents, caregivers, teachers, friends or anyone who had an influence on us.
These conditioned beliefs were given to us by these well-meaning people regardless of how we chose with our limited education and life experience to interpret or react to them.
These people also gave us lot's of positive and negative baggage; feelings about the world and ourselves, attitudes about good and bad, right and wrong andsuccess and failure.
I know, because I certainly have more than my share.
Each of us reacted uniquely to these 'baggage issues' by either embracing them as a part of who we were or resisting them and developing very personal methods or philosophies of how to cope with them or resist them.
As we have grown and matured we have learned to suppress many of these earlier beliefs and attitudes, but their impact can still be felt in our current relationships, life decisions and careers.
We may not even know today what these beliefs are or how they are influencing our current behaviors.
How can we discover or know the long-term impact of these early beliefs?Just look at the behaviors of others or yourself that make you feel; afraid, invalidated, unworthy, untrusting or any other negative response.
Somewhere hidden deep inside are wounds that have never healed and these behaviors, actions or attitudes seem to bring their previously learned unconscious responses into the present.
These early beliefs about yourself or the world that find their way into your every conversation, reaction, relationship and activity.
These wounds want to be healed and we hope that the people we surround ourselves with will contribute to that healing.
When they don't (remember they have their wounds that need healing as well) we fall back into those early learned techniques of resisting, denying or embracing.
What you Know.
The price of learning is very high.
The price of ignorance is even higher.
Have you ever felt like 'if you just knew _ _ _ _ ' that you would be happier or more successful or have better relationships?There are two ways to learn - the hard way and an easier way.
The hard way is through your own experience.
The easier way is through other people's experience i.
teachers, trainers, authors or someone who has been there or done it already.
I am constantly amazed at how many people choose the hard way to wisdom and knowledge.
Yes, there are lot's of kinds of knowledge.
There is common sense which is often not so common.
There is career and relationship knowledge.
There is life knowledge.
There is self-knowledge.
Knowledge is useless if it isn't used.
But, you can't use it if you haven't first gained it.
Why won't people invest in themselves?Why would they rather waste time, money and energy learning everything on their own?If I had the answer to that one folks Id' be selling a lot more of my books.
Think of learning as a tool box that you carry through life.
Every time you learn a new skill or develop or refine an attitude you get to add that tool to your box.
I guarantee that as you travel through the rest of your life sooner or later you will need to re-use the same tools again and again.
Why not add them early so you can save yourself time, grief, energy and cash later? You either go after the learning or you wait for it to come to you.
Which do you suppose is the least costly in the long run? What you do.
I am running out of time and I am sure you have a lot on your plate this week so let me be brief here with a couple of my favorite quotes: "The reward of a thing well done is to have done it.
" Emerson "Do it big, do it right and do it with style.
"Fred Astaire "Well done is better than well said.
"Ben Franklin "Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration.
" Edison So get on with it.
Make 2007 your best year ever.
Don't wait.
Time and your life is slipping by.
Have a great week and a prosperous and healthy 2007.
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