Everybody Has a JobPart 2

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In the first portion of this essay, I pointed out how the recognition of the fact that everybody has a job can ease the passage for each of us.
The crux is, we gain by seeing from an alternate perspective.
That's really what my theory is all about, I have discovered since writing part 1 (at the time, I had no intention of ever writing "part 2").
You probably have heard the maxim that, "when the student is ready, the teacher will appear.
" In my case, it was David Foster Wallace's 2005 commencement address at Kenyon College, which I stumbled upon at just the moment when it made sense for me to do so.
) In reading his address, I saw the better intellectual description of my somewhat-simplistic "everybody has a job" idea.
At its core, it is the very same concept as DFW espouses: to be truly alive, you are best-served by being aware of the choice you can make in each moment.
You can allow what he refers to as the "default setting" to control your perspective, which means you see everything without exception as an influence on you as the center of the universe.
Or, you can consciously decide to take the third-party, independent view, where your own influence is determined to be equal to that of those with whom you interact.
In other words, you become the observer, even as you are one of the principal actors.
Why bother? The benefit is that you can come closer to understanding the workings of the universe if you are willing to step outside the illusion of self as center.
And, in my own experience, it is actually more fun this way.
So, here is the latest on the still-evolving theory I am creating as I type: Fun is good.
I have found that, by looking at events and interacting with others from the viewpoint that allows them the same leeway I allow myself when in my "I am the center of everything" perspective, I actually enjoy the experience in a way I never feel when it is all about ME ME ME.
When I feel something or think about something that is true for me at a level well past what I can control, I have an electric sensation that runs up my spine.
I'm guessing it is what I have heard described as "shivers up my spine", but having never been in the brain of one of those folks who use that phrase, I cannot be certain.
What I can do is testify to the consistent value I find in any thought or action that prompts, in me, the tingling up my spine.
Most often, it is as simple as thinking of an outcome related to an anticipated event.
My tingling sensation has never been wrong in foretelling the outcome.
So, why don't I frequent the dog track or bet the lottery? This foretelling comes of its own accord, and pays no attention to any pleading for guidance I might make.
Almost as often, that tingling is reinforcement of something I read or something I am thinking.
It may be only an idea, not a proposed action, that brings on that sensation.
There is, for me, a great comfort in the sensation when I have just read, or just written, something that I feel strongly about.
My own sense of it is that the tingling is one of the many ways my own inner voice can speak.
It is my choice at the time the message is delivered to listen or not, and I am seeking to be open to those messages.
Since so much of what we do in this gritty world involves striving and struggle, it makes it all that more challenging to do what it takes to hear that voice we all have, that voice that always offers guidance but never shouts or interrupts.
What it takes, is surrender...
releasing completely the outside world long enough to allow the universe inside to speak, and for you to hear.
You can't do this while simultaneously typing on your Blackberry or reading a critical marketing report or driving aggressively or yelling at a referee at a sporting event.
Stop and listen.
No, really! Stop and listen.
Listen until the voice has finished with the message of the moment.
When you are ready, jump right back into the hustle-bustle, but bring the message you heard with you.
You will find that it makes everything flow more smoothly, and it will allow you to more-easily let go of the indictments you seek to offer the other drivers or the others in line or the others, period! It is so simple: There Are No Others.
All of us, each and every one, are exactly that: one.
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