Oil - The Good, the Bad, the Ugly!

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There is nothing like sauteed veggies or an olive oil based salad dressing right? Hmmm let's talk.
First the purpose of oils are to provide a barrier so the foods that are cooking do not stick.
It also mixes well with salad dressings, as a base for a marinade, and many more helpful benefits.
So what are the best oils and are oils best for you? First the best: Knowing the difference between oils really helps when it comes to cooking.
Olive oil is NOT to be used when cooking.
The reason is because it is not a high heat oil meaning when it reaches a certain temperature carcinogens(cancer causing agents) are produced.
Olive oil should NEVER be used for frying and even heavy sauteeing or baking.
Only to mix for salad dressings, cold pastas, or cold foods.
If you are lightly sauteeing, maybe a little is okay but overall do not use for cooking.
Other low cooking point oils include: Sunflower Flaxseed Safflower There are oils that are great for high heat or cooking overall.
These oils are great for baking, sauteeing, and any other cooking that requires high heat.
When cooking with oils look for oils that say they have a high smoke point.
You will notice the difference especially with the foods not sticking and cooking easier.
Try the following oils: Coconut Avocado Rice Bran Now if you are trying to lose weight, you may want to consider staying away from oils altogether and even if you are not trying to lose weight, limiting and using oils sparsely is best.
Oils are very high in calories and very low in nutrients, even "heart healthy" olive oil, and "healthy" coconut oil should be used in moderation or very little at all.
Water, tomato sauce, and broth are great substitutes for oils when cooking.
Lastly some oils should never be used.
They are man made, unhealthy, and actually overtime may cause harm to the body.
They include: Vegetable Canola Crisco Grapeseed Try some of these healthier options and/or opt not to use them occasionally.
Giving your body a break from calorie dense substances from time to time is a great way to lose some unwanted weight.
Substitute with broth, and water just to switch things up.
Hopefully now you have a better idea of the best oils to use AND when/how to use them.
Happy healthy eating!!
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