Do You Believe in Magic?

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Kenneth S.
Jaffrey, my health teacher, mentor and friend, was, among many of his varied guises, a magician.
His stage name was "Ken, the Merry Magician.
" I was once asked "How good was he?" "Good enough to fool people" was my response.
"People love to be tricked" observed Mr.
Jaffrey on many an occasion - and don't we? There are many illusions being perpetrated to-day but none more evident than in the promotion of the 'Germ Theory' of disease causation.
The first evidence of this o'slight of hand' o'now you see it now you don't' was performed in person by one Louis Pasteur (the father of the germ theory).
He plagiarised the work of Antoine Bechamp, a French scientist, chemist, biologist and medical doctor who was searching for the causation of disease.
During his studies and experiments, Bechamp found many living organisms - in all states, shapes and forms - all dependent and interdependent on the conditions in which they lived.
Professor Bechamp's experiments found that the germ was not the basic unit in "diseased conditions" but tinier, simple organisms that he named "Microzymas" He concluded that all these Microzyma changed their shape and design in relationship to the environment.
They transmutated from one form to another - much as a butterfly does during its many changes before emerging as the beautiful winged creature that we all know.
While big strides were being taken in anatomy and physiology, the real causes of disease were not being addressed by the doctors of the day - That was being left to the nurses.
(Note: Florence Nightingales book, "Notes on Nursing" is a must read for a clearer perception of health at this time in history.
) With Pasteur's plagiarised interpretation of the "Germ Theory" in their hands, the more vocal physicians of the day grabbed hold of the concept of the almighty germ and; oblew it up in stature so that its size and number were horrific.
oprescribed the appropriate medical "cure" to eradicate the disease.
owent on a witch hunt to discredit all other practitioners.
oenacted laws that promoted a degree of sanctity and protection in all medical approaches.
and in the process...
oscared the be-jeepers out of folk with Latin and Greek double talk that predicted doom unless appropriate measures were taken (Read as: Take the medicine sold by the agency).
Today, stocks in medical research soar while non-stop commercials promote the salutary effects of a particular drug that will "treat the symptoms" of the ever-increasing numbers of "diseases" that our population seems to be heir to.
That's business you might say - but it's also trickery.
It's a presentation of a false image in such a manner that the audience (read as: - you and me, the consumer) obelieve what we are shown, oare in awe of the performance and oleave the auditorium wanting more.
My hat is off to the great illusionist - the prestidigitator - but bewares.
With the increase in quantity (read as: - more and more people being dissatisfied with the show) there will come about a sudden and dramatic change in quality.
(read as: - the powers that be will be forced to allow people to choose their own method of health care and large institutions devoted to the natural care and healing of the human body will begin to emerge - just as there were 150 years ago throughout the world - but that's' another story.
) This article is not meant as another doctor/drug bashing exercise but we must know the history of a thing in order to understand it.
The 'germ theory' as a philosophy of the causation of disease is a shallow illusion that contradicts the basic laws of nature.
All organisms live in an environment that supplies the specific requirements for it's survival.
Remove or change those conditions and the organism will disappear - the real magic of Cause and Effect.
All the best in all we do and don't be fooled.
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