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The sports tape is an elastic therapeutic tape that is used for treating muscles, ligament or sinew injury. It is very effective in relieving muscular pain. It is a fitness tape that also helps in preventing the injuries by supporting the muscles. In case of any injury, it helps in quick healing. It is a very special type of thin tape that is applied on the skin. It is usually made of the cotton material which makes it sweat resistant. It is usually used during the sports activities and athletes use it more. It is used in the problems like sprains, twists etc. Ankle sprain, ankle twist, muscle pull, wrists sprains etc. are very commonly faced by the sport persons. It helps in soothing the weak wrist, ankle joints.

They are also used to provide support to the fingers etc. The sports tape was first used in Japan by the acupuncturists and chiropractors only but now it is used all over the world for the treatment of injuries. This tape is an important tool which used in the sports to improve the sportsman's performance. Sports tape is not only used by the athletes and other sports men but it is also used by the medical practitioners for treating many problems. The medical practitioners include physiotherapists, physicians, consultants, surgeons etc.

Sports tapes are designed in such a way that they are very helpful in providing the support to the injured muscles, joints and tissues. They are considered to be very supportive in correcting various joint problems. They can be applied on the shoulders, knees, ankles, elbows etc. sprain ankle is a common problem in which this tape has proved to be very helpful in treating.

The traditional non elastic tapes do not allow muscle and joint movements but the most important quality of the tape is that is allows easy movement of the muscles and joints. It stretches itself as the muscles move. It reduces the fatigue of the muscles. It is easy to use. It can be applied directly on the skin on the areas where small joints are present. It is available in different colors, sizes and strips. One important feature of the tape is that it assists the lymphatic drainage and improves blood circulation around the muscles.

Besides being used on the various parts of the body, this tape is also used by the players of cricket, base balls, and hockey. They use it on their bats sticks to increase their grips. There are generally two types of sports tapes. One is with adhesive and the other is without adhesive. The tape with adhesive is typically used on the body areas where there is no or very less hair present on the skin. Because then it would be easy to remove the tape and if the tape with adhesive is used on the areas of the body which has more hair then removal of the tape is quite painful. And in case of non-adhesive tape some adhesive bandage is used to avoid the slipping of the tape.
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