Emotional Eating

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Understanding why we eat.
Food is a source of fuel and most people have a deeper connection around when they eat, how much they eat and how food satisfies a need for comfort.
In some cases, our connections with food are extremely positive.
We eat at family events and just about any other time that people are brought together as a group.
It is the water cooler of most social events and those are typically happy times and a positive overall experience.
For many of us, there are emotional connections to food that have a negative effect on our overall weight loss efforts.
By dieting, we are treating the symptoms and it is a suffering and sacrifice that frankly is not necessary.
By addressing the problem instead of the symptom, we can make changes with ease and joy.
Conversely, we may never get to our ideal body image if we do not address the problem.
Weight loss tips are out there and quality weight loss programs exist but if we do not get a grasp of our eating and the surrounding emotions than we are destined to repeat our struggles.
The individual perceptions and feelings that we have around eating are typically based on prior experiences - mostly from childhood.
People have emotions and ones associated with food include the full spectrum.
We each have a unique temperament and depending on our emotional stability, these food feelings can have devastating effects.
Health issues related to being overweight are a major reason to take the mental exploration to understand how you feel about food.
By spending just a few minutes considering the possibilities and documenting your beliefs you will gain an invaluable insight into areas that you should reconcile.
Reconciling our beliefs in any area of life is important so why would not be important with the one thing you do multiple times a day to ensure your survival as a human being.
What do I feel about food? What are my beliefs about food? What foods do I like and not like? When times of day do I regularly eat? At what point in my day do I have the best/worst energy levels? Which foods do I wish I could get out of my eating routines? Do I eat before or after situations or emotional stages? You also need to understand how you feel about your weight / shape and that of others.
As you take a few minutes to be honest with yourself (you deserve it), your stomach will be your guide.
No kidding.
You will lead yourself to (sometimes painful) truths about your systems of belief.
And you know what? Some or many of those beliefs you may know are no longer true OR that no longer serve you and you are still galvanized to them.
When I say reconcile your beliefs, I mean for you to identify beliefs that you no longer accept and flat out reject them.
Get them out of your life! And take control of how you feel about food? You've broken down your view on food so build it back up the way you know it can be.
Food is not your friend nor is it your enemy.
It is fuel for the body.
Your body is you! Your mind may be telling you that you would 'feel better' if you ate the ice cream, drank the shake, snacked on the chocolates, the reality is that your body suffers.
So take control over your mind and be responsible TO your body.
You can learn to get a good body image.
Be true to yourself.
You have an idea that you want to lose weight and regain control over your health.
You can be empowered to your goal.
Let The Vision Empower You!
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