Acne Treatment Tips - What Causes Acne?

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There are many reasons why you will suffer from acne. Different people have different reasons for their acne problem and these are some of the possible causes for your acne problem.

Acne can occur due to your bacteria infection, hormones, diet, stress, family history and even your skin type. We all know that those who have oily skin type have higher chance of having blocked pores which will result in pimples or acne.

Acne caused by Bacteria Infection

Acne can occur due to the activities from bacteria known as Propionibacterium acnes. The oil glands produced sebum (a kind of oil to keep our skin moisturized) which is a nutrient for the growth of the bacteria. During puberty, the oil gland produced more sebum which accelerates the growth of the bacteria. With the increased in the sebum produced, the inside walls of the follicles becomes stickier and eventually causes blockage on the pores. The presence of the bacteria also attracts white blood cells to the follicles which causes inflammation. On the surface of our skin, the inflammation will be visible as acnes or pimples.

Acne caused by Hormones

The oil glands that produce the sebum vary in sizes and are stimulated to produce more sebum by hormones. The hormone that is highly responsible is known as androgens which can be found in both male and female, however female usually has lesser of androgens. These hormones are produced by the testes in men and ovaries in women as well as the adrenal glands.

The oil glands become overactive in response to hormonal changes during puberty, emotional changes such as stress, menstruation for the women. Once again, the increased in sebum will cause the follicles to get blocked thus resulting in acne and pimples on the surface of our skin.

For acne suffers, diet might be something that needs to be monitored. The food that we eat will have direct impact on our appearance. So if you are suffering from acne, you might want to start changing the food that you eat with something healthier to detox your body with the unwanted toxins.

To start controlling or even permanently cure your acne, you have to first understand what causes your acnes. Then work on the solutions to find the best cure for your problems.
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