Lose Body Fat (Tips I"ve Been Asked to Share)

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Have you checked your body fat percentage lately? Most people have their jaws to the floor when they find out what theirs is for the first time.
I remember I had to peel my face off the ground the first time I found out (thankfully I am down to 7.
9% now)! There are many ways to induce body fat loss.
Here are two mutually re-enforcing ways to be ABSOLUTELY sure you will drop that body fat.
Become a muscle man/woman! Alright, this does not mean you actually need to become a crazy bodybuilder for body fat loss! What I am trying to get at is that lifting weights is essential if you desire to lose body fat.
You don't need to live at the gym or anything, just be sure to get at least 2 weight training workouts in per week.
Weight training is the undisputed, best way to trim your body fat as well as get some sexy muscle! 2.
Protein, protein, and more protein.
Protein is absolutely essential to body fat loss, ESPECIALLY if you are lifting weights.
Protein itself facilitates muscle growth and burns fat.
I recommend going to the nearest supplement store and picking up some pure whey protein powder.
These powders usually have 20-30 grams of protein per scoop and only about 2-3 grams of carbohydrates.
If you are working out, I recommend taking one scoop in the morning, with lunch, and an hour before bed time.
These are great ways to facilitate body fat loss.
Keep in mind that beginning a high quality diet program will help speed up your results as well.
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