Teach Teens Respect and Tolerance

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In 2010, many teens committed suicide because of bullying.
It's sad when teens decide to end their life because of insensitive and inconsiderate peers.
Suicide isn't the answer.
It's an unfortunate permanent answer to preventable situation.
Teens need to know there are consequences for bullying.
They could be suspended or expelled from school.
Or worse, they could face jail time.
Tips for teaching teens respect and tolerance 1.
Teach teens that everybody is different.
Everyone has different eye, hair, and skin color.
Everyone has different religious beliefs.
Some people are short and some are tall.
Some may be heterosexual and some will not.
Some will like the color blue while others favor yellow.
That's life! 2.
Teens need to respect themselves.
If teens don't respect themselves, they won't respect others and that includes parents! Teens could be taught to honor their thoughts, feelings, and beliefs even if they're different from others.
They could be taught to respect the thoughts, feelings, and beliefs of others.
They don't have to agree with others.
But, it would be wise to give others the same respect and courtesy they'd expect and want.
Teach teens that diversity is all around them.
We live in a global society! Teens from other countries go to schools in the U.
It would behoove teens to learn that the world doesn't revolve around them! Their culture, norms, beliefs, and values will differ from others or they may be the same.
Set a positive example.
How respectful and tolerant are you? Remember, kids learn by example.
If you disrespect people by talking about them or making fun of them, chances are teens will mimic your actions.
It's up to you to be a constructive and positive role model.
Teaching teens respect and tolerance is the best way to avoid unnecessary suicides.
Teens that bully other teens because of their sexual orientation would benefit from knowing that a person's sexuality is none of their business.
Who cares if teens are straight, transgender, bi-sexual, gay, or lesbian? Again, it's none of your business.
Live and let live! Respect and tolerance go a long way.
The good news is that parents can teach teens to focus on their lives.
Teens need to stop sticking their noses where it doesn't belong before it's too late.
Perhaps if teens focused on their own lives, they'd get better grades in school and get into the colleges and universities of their choice.
You may not agree with someone's sexual orientation, clothing, hairstyle, or music but you can agree to disagree!
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