Quick and Easy Way to Pick Winners at the Horse Races

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Is there a quick and easy way to pick winners at the horse races? Yes and no is the honest answer. Yes there is a quick way to eliminate the losers and therefore be left with the most likely winners. Does that mean you will make a profit from the horses that are left to bet on? Maybe, but nothing is guaranteed, especially in anything as risky as horse racing.

Many people spend hours pouring over racing forms and programs searching for winning bets. Good horse racing handicappers look for horses who are the best and therefore likely to win. Good gamblers also may handicap horse races, but they are not only looking for the likely winners, but also for situations to make money on and those two things are sometimes not the same.

You will find at most race tracks that the most likely winner will be the favorite in the betting pools. However, that horse may not always have a statistical edge and that is how you can eliminate horses who will probably disappoint the crowd. The reason is that a horse often gets a lot of money bet on it for one or two reasons and the crowd is sometimes willing to overlook its shortcomings because of some impressive statistic.

For instance, statistically, horses who have not raced within 30 days of the date of the race are much less likely to win. In fact, at least 70 percent of winners have had a race within 30 days of the current race. But you will still find horses that take a lot of action at the betting windows, may in fact be the favorites, who have not had a race in over 30 days. There must be a reason for that and it is usually a fast speed figure in their most recent race, a big class drop, or some other impressive factor.

Many people call these favorites who have a statistical flaw or handicap, phonies or false favorites. To find the false favorite, look for any horse who is taking most of the betting action who does not meet the following criteria...

1. must have raced in the last 35 days2. must be racing at the same class or a lower class3. must have a last race speed figure in the top three

Just by using those three criteria you can eliminate many false favorites. Of course, once you eliminate the false favorite the next thing you must do is find a horse who is within the top three favorites in betting who does meet those requirements. The winner is usually found within the top three horses in the betting and will meet those requirements.

Finding the horse who meets the requirement for a winner is one of the quickest and easiest ways to find winners at the horse races. Many of them do go off at short prices and if you want to make a profit, you may have to do more in depth handicapping, but you will find that it is worth it if you want to make money betting on horses and you are looking for more than just a casual day at the races.
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