What is Your Purpose? Part 3 of Permission, Passion, Purpose and Pride Series

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Somewhere deep within us we know what we want to do with our lives but we get caught up in trying to figure out how we can possibly make that happen given our life at this very moment.
"I can't afford to make a move.
I'd have to go back to school.
I have bills to pay.
It's too late.
" Sound familiar? For some of us that spark is buried so deep, we may not even admit to ourselves what it is.
Can you imagine what it would be like to do work that is so deeply connected to your soul that the time flies by? You enjoy what you're doing so much that the money flows in.
You're so stimulated by what you're doing that you have more energy than you've ever had.
You are like a magnet attracting everything you desire into your life.
What would your life be like if all that were true for you? I can tell you from personal experience that I've had some great jobs and some not so great jobs (being a 411 operator and working at Home Depot were definitely at the bottom of my list!).
Even in the jobs I really liked, I never felt like I feel now.
I'm so enriched by the work I do that it's actually fun to work! Each of the jobs I've had has led me to where I am.
I don't know if I would have discovered coaching if I hadn't been an agency recruiter.
I know I wouldn't have been an agency recruiter if I hadn't been in HR.
All of those roles served as a bridge to where I am now.
For me, it did not happen in one step, but the journey has been full of learning and people and I was meant to take every step along the way.
Don't get discouraged if you can't imagine how to get "there" from "here.
" Each one of us has a purpose on this earth.
Every single one of us! We all have some special talent we're meant to share with the world, whether it's the whole world or our little corner of it.
Do you know someone you think would be perfect at some occupation even though they're doing something completely different? I know I can think of a few! My brother, Chris, recently started back to school to become a nurse.
He's never been in the medical field, but he's got a wealth of intuitive knowledge about all things medical.
So when this economy reared its ugly head he took advantage of the opportunity to do some soul searching and really focus on what he wants to be when he grows up.
My sister-in-law, Peggy, started her first teaching job this September.
She went back to school to follow her dream and now she's living it! For her birthday this year I gave her some information on who she is based on her birth day.
Don't you know that "teacher" and "teaching" was written all over it! I keep thinking about my friend, Kathy who constantly gravitates towards senior citizens.
It never fails, at any function or event, she finds some elderly man or woman and gets involved in a conversation.
She has them laughing and enjoying themselves and she just lights up.
She also has great taste.
She's the first one to help you out with whatever is wrong with your ensemble, she has an eye for what looks good and she's usually right! I would love to see her doing work where she offers her considerable talents to families who have an elderly parent/grandparent who could use some company or someone to shop for them.
I think it would be a perfect fit and I know there would be lots of people who would benefit from spending time with someone who's so full of life and so caring.
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