You Are What You Eat - Only Half of the Equation

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When we look at the total picture of a healthy life, we think of eating organic foods, exercise, rest, sunshine, taking multivitamins, some people know that minerals need to be included.
However, many people neglect working on the other half of the equation-elimination.
If we have poor elimination our body stores toxins in cells, organs and glands.
There are four ways toxins are eliminated from the body.
Two are primary and two are secondary.
oLiquids are eliminated from our blood stream through our kidneys and bladder.
oSolid waste is eliminated through the intestines and colon.
When these two primary elimination methods are working efficiently, we do not need to rely on our secondary systems-the lungs and skin to eliminate toxins.
The lungs attempt to detoxify our blood by throwing off or out-gassing toxins which we experience as odorous or putrid breath.
The skin-the largest organ of the immune system-acts like an 'extra' kidney.
We see this as oozing eruptions, pimples or blemishes.
When the lungs and skin are needed to detoxify the body, the best approach is to clean and fortify the colon.
Thus, the primary systems are functioning optimally and the lungs and skin can return to their primary purposes.
Positive change depends upon numerous factors such as age, vitality and length of exposure.
A younger person might have greater reserve energy than someone older.
A more recent exposure often has faster results than a chronic situation.
When detoxification is done efficiently and safely, it can be very effective in bringing about a greater sense of well-being and increased energy to enjoy life.
Contact a Naturopath to learn the most effective approach to detoxification for your needs.
How do we know there are toxins in the body? oThe first sign of toxins is Fluid retention since liquid is the first to be eliminated.
There is proof in this statement in that we urinate more often than we defecate.
oSecond is yeast which protects us from heavy metal poisoning.
If you are plagued with yeast infections you are holding heavy metal and need to detox the metal.
oThird is excess mucous which is secreted in the respiratory and digestive tracts against allergens and irritants.
oFourth is fat which encases and stores the toxins.
You can use a BMI calculator to discern if your weight is an issue.
Body mass index (BMI) is a measure of body fat based on height and weight that applies to both adult men and women.
BMI Chart: http://www.
BMI Categories: oUnderweight =
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