Uses for Used Aluminum Arrow Shafts

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    Overdraw Arrows

    • An overdraw positions the arrow further behind the bow riser. This results in a quicker arrow flight and flattery trajectory. This requires shorter, stiffer arrows. If the used arrow is damaged near the ends, it can be shortened and used on overdraw-equipped bows. Because an arrow gets stiffer as it is shortened, aluminum arrow shafts work well in this application.

    Crossbow Arrows

    • Crossbows require short stiff arrows. Most crossbow arrows are simply shortened from full-length arrows. The higher poundage of the crossbow requires a stiff arrow. As with the overdraw application, an aluminum arrow shaft can be shortened and used. Most damage to arrow shafts occurs at the very front, because this is where the force of the impact occurs.

    Shop Arrows

    • Shop arrows are used for setting up equipment such as arrow cutters and straighteners. If the equipment is not adjusted properly it can damage the arrow. Shop arrows essentially ensure that the equipment is set properly before a new arrow is used. It is much better to damage a shop arrow than it is to destroy a new one.

    Target Holders

    • Many archers take two used arrows and stick them in the ground to support a target; This provides a stable backing for the target. When doing this be sure to remove the points so they can be used on other arrows.

    Stump Shooting

    • Stump shooting is a favorite pastime of many archers. A used arrow is fitted with a blunt or dulled point. The archer then roams through fields or forests and shoots at stumps and other ground-level objects at unknown distances. This greatly improves accuracy in hunting situations. The arrows are frequently damaged from impact with stumps, so used arrows are often employed.

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