A Cup of Tea Swarming With Numerous Health Benefits

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Read out to know more about why drinking this beverage is good for your body. Also if you have not yet tasted this relishing drink, then this will help you to decide upon your drink and surely you would not be able to resist yourself from getting used to this drink.
There are plentiful of reasons why tea has come out as one of the well-liked beverages in whole of the world. Some really want to imbibe the delectable flavors of tea, while others drink it get rid of all the tiredness of the day and relax. Firstly you must know about what the tea contains. It consists of antioxidants that are tremendously beneficial to body health. In fact because of these antioxidants only, our body stays protected from the ill-effects of pollution and the signs of aging.
Tea contains less amount of caffeine in comparison to coffee. Coffee has approximately two to three times the caffeine that is present in tea. Many people who drink coffee complain about getting jitters after having it or suffer from headaches or indigestion. Some also say that they have difficulty to catch up with sleep if they have taken coffee. To avoid these problems, they must leave coffee and start taking tea. By this practice, they would also boost their immune system and helps in warding off infection. Moreover, it improves the body metabolism.
Tea drinkers also boast of having a stronger heart. It helps in lowering the risk of strokes and heart attack. The main reason behind suffering from heart attack or stroke is the unfit blood clots that are caused due to blood platelets and cholesterol. Your arteries will function smoothly and will remain clog-free if you drink about two to three cups of tea daily. Not just hearts, tea also protects your bones. On account of numerous favorable phytochemicals present in this drink as well as milk added, it keeps our bones strong even after adjusting the body weight, smoking, age and other risk factors.
Tea provided by tea suppliers in India also has been acknowledged for its cancer-fighting effects that are because of its antioxidants and polyphenols. You can also get a sweet smile with tea. This is because fluoride and tannins are the two ingredients in this drink that checks the problems of plaque. But this will only be useful if you do not add sugar to it or add jus the natural sweeteners. So for healthier teeth and gums, apart from brushing and flossing, drink this beverage as well. In addition, the qualities of teas include that it is calorie-free and also it keeps our body hydrated. So, with so many good health-effects, you must at least drink a cup and if you develop a liking for the same, then two to three cups of tea on a daily basis.
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