Hypnosis For Weight Loss! - Achieving New Year Resolutions on Time

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Hypnosis may help people lose few pounds when it is used along with other weight-loss methods especially diet and exercise.
Hypnosis is a process of altering the state of consciousness, which is attained, with the supervision of hypnotherapist who uses verbal repetition mental images.
When people are under hypnosis, their attention is highly focused and they are more responsive to suggestions like behavioral changes that can help lose weight.
After proper instruction, people can also try to hypnotize themselves.
Often, weight-loss hypnosis is combined with cognitive behavioral therapy.
Through the years, many research studies were conducted to determine its impact on weight loss.
So far, researchers found positive and modest weight-loss results.
However, the quality of some of the studies was questioned, rendering the effectiveness hard to establish.
Hypnotic state is likened to pleasant state of relaxation.
Hypnosis is a natural and efficient approach in accessing the subconscious mind, which is the key to unleashing people's potentials such as the ability to change unwanted habits and behaviors and finding resolutions to their problems and concerns.
When it comes to weight loss, hypnosis provides an effective tool to motivate people lose weight.
In a study composed of 60 women participants who were divided into two groups-hypnosis and non-hypnosis-the group using hypnosis approach was able to lose 17 pounds on average.
The group that did not employ hypnosis lost only half a pound.
In a separate study of two dieting groups--one used hypnosis and the other did not--both were monitored over the course of two years and resulted to have great weight-loss effects from the group that used hypnosis as conjunction to their dieting.
The other group produced no significant effects.
According to many, hypnosis can provide life-long positive changes.
A typical session composed of: 1.
Induction - the step in which progressive relaxation is achieved.
It makes the muscles relaxed from top to toe.
It allows the conscious mind to relax while the subconscious mind receives the suggestions desired.
Deepening technique - this sends messages to the brain to go deeper into relaxation.
Imagery - this stage can make the hypnotherapist manipulate the mind and body to believe that what they are visualizing is real.
Visualization works due to certain areas of the brain that cannot distinguish between what they see with their eyes and what they see with their mind.
Suggestions - once the mind is relaxed, suggestions are fed into the subconscious mind, which at this time is very receptive.
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