Learn Hypnosis Or NLP - Which One is More Useful?

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When you begin to learn hypnosis, you find out that there are several techniques to consider.
In the subject of hypnosis, there are two words that you are most likely to come across with: Covert Hypnosis and NLP.
For the newbie in the world of hypnosis, this may sound strange and unfamiliar.
But for those who are familiar with hypnosis, they all know that these two are one and the same.
Sometimes they are used together when describing a method in hypnosis, and sometimes they are used interchangeably.
So what is Covert Hypnosis, actually? Covert Hypnosis is also known as Conversational Hypnosis or NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming).
As its other names suggest, it does deal with speech.
Basically, it differs from Conventional Hypnosis in the following ways: 1.
It can achieve a trance with open eyes.
It has quick induction - which can take less than 25 minutes.
It uses indirect language which is actually more powerful in achieving an effect.
This can be used both overt and covert - the person can be aware that he or she will be hypnotized, or he or she may not be aware of the hypnosis that is about to take place.
Basically, Covert Hypnosis or NLP are used for self-help programs and successful salesmen.
When one is about to learn hypnosis of this kind, it is using the creativity of words and its effect on the human emotions.
Take for example the words "manipulate" and "persuade".
They may have similar meanings but the implications may be different - one word may evoke negative emotions while the other might bring about more positive ones.
This is also how this kind of hypnosis works - it is hypnosis wherein the brain is being programmed through words.
In learning hypnosis, you may begin to see that NLP is actually part of how Covert Hypnosis works.
NLP is actually covert conditioning - the linguistic conditioning in hypnosis.
So in simpler terms, take this example: In trying to tell you (or persuade your mind) that you are relaxed, the hypnotherapist might say "as you breathe deeply, you will feel your muscles relax".
It is at this point that he is persuading you to think that your muscles are relaxed, and you, in turn, believe it.
What he said is the Neuro-linguistic Programming, and what he is doing as a whole is Covert Hypnosis.
So basically, NLP and Covert Hypnosis can be both something that the person is aware of or unaware of - making it powerful over Conventional Hypnosis which is more of a command.
If you want to learn hypnosis of this caliber, you should have a creative facility for words and awareness of its impact on the individual - or individuals in general.
Although this can be used by salesmen to increase their success in selling, this can also be used by most people to help themselves change.
With this method, change can come more quickly and easily.
Learning hypnosis starts with you, and you alone hold the power to its success.
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