Law Of Attraction Principles - Ask And You Shall Get! Is It That Simple?

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When you have a big dream or want to achieve something really big, all you have to do is simply ASK and the universe will give it to you.
Lot of times people fail to understand the profound impact of this law of attraction principle looking at the simplicity of the concept and discard the principle as bogus.
I understand if you are skeptical about the principle.
I will answer every question that you have to show you the truth.
If all that is required to manifest a dream is simply ask, why isn't everyone achieving their dreams? This is the first question every one asks to challenge the simplicity of the principle.
However there is a key element that is hidden in the principles like this and that is...
you need to be in the "right state of mind" when you ask for something.
So what comprises the right state of mind? There are a number of key pieces that contribute the right state of mind and let's tackle them one by one Positive Attitude: Everything that happens around us, everything that we hear, everything that we experience has a significant impact on our outlook.
You only see exceptions who develop a positive attitude in spite of growing in a negative environment.
Again you only see exceptions who are able to maintain a positive attitude in spite of all the setbacks and failures they have gone through.
After growing in a negative environment, after going through negative experiences, after hearing negative things happening all around the world, it takes lot of perseverance to sport a positive mental attitude when a lot of negative things keep happening.
You may not be 100% positive when you ask something the first time.
Don't be let down by the negativity.
Ask again and again until you are asking with a 100% positive attitude.
This is one of the key reasons why some people get what they ask for immediately, some get it in weeks, some in months, and some in years.
Every one of us is unique in our own way and each one of our experiences is unique.
Don't compare yourself with others and don't get into a negative mindset that others get things sooner than you.
So it is essential that we make it a practice to have a positive mental attitude in everything we see, everything we do, everyone we meet and in every one of our experience.
We have to get this into our daily routine until it becomes natural for us to see the positive aspect in everything.
And that is when you will start realizing the true power of the law of attraction.
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