How to Declutter Sentimental Items

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When you think about de-cluttering you really don't think about how to declutter sentimental items...
you know the ones that are really close to you.
You think about things as you are going from one room to another to get fewer items that are cluttering the place up.
You are not thinking about the sentimental de-cluttering at all.
You might have many sentimental items that mean a lot to you and you're attached to them.
Now how would you be able to de-clutter things when you are attached to the items? You need to sentimental de-clutter before you will be able to organize your house to the best of your ability.
When you are de-cluttering it does not mean you are throwing out your sentimental items.
You do not want to throw out the picture on the fridge that your child had drawn for you to get organized.
De-cluttering is to lessen the number of stuffed general items around us.
Mainly, the items that really don't mean anything to you.
You really need to take out some time to ask yourself many questions like, does this mean anything to me or what memories does this item hold? When we hold items because they remind us of something we then need to ask, do I have to have this to remember this time or event? Say you have a picture of your first home, then yes you would keep that but then when you're looking at books and there is some that you hadn't touched for a long time like text books then you need to ask again, do I need this? Chances are you would get rid of the books.
But you also need to remember that when you get rid of an item with sentimental value, you're not losing the memory you're just losing the item that is cluttering your home.
Many people buy items for one reason then get a memory from using the item.
That is when you need to take the time to realize you didn't buy it because of the memory you bought it for something else and if you have not used it in a while, then do you really need it? The main thing with sentimental de-cluttering is that you don't have to get rid of your items that mean a lot to you.
You need to take the time to think and ask questions.
If you answer yourself with yes I don't need it then toss it, or donate it, or even sell it.
Just make sure when you make your decision with sentimental de-cluttering, that you are done with the item you are 100% sure of it.
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