How to Prevent Runny Lasagna

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    • 1). Before adding pre-cooked hamburger to the casserole, shake the meat in a colander while pressing on it with a spoon to drain fatty liquids.

    • 2). Drain lasagna noodles on absorbent paper towels before adding them to your casserole.

    • 3). Thicken marinara sauce with a teaspoon of cornstarch to make it denser and less watery. Or use tomato paste, which is thicker and less runny than sauce.

    • 4). Allow cooked lasagna to cool and thicken for 20 to 30 minutes before serving.

    • 5). Refrigerate cooled, cooked lasagna overnight to get a denser product. Reheat slices in a microwave oven or reheat the whole pan in the oven.

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