Health Problems Affecting People Who Make Money From Home

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When you make money from home, you hardly think of health problems as being part of the package. However, spending so much time at home can affect your body in certain ways.

Those who make money from home focus on the advantages that such an opportunity brings for them, such as flexibility of timings and hassle free work environment. However, you should keep in mind the possible repercussions of spending so much time at home, in front of the computer.

Back Problems

Anybody who spends more than 6-7 hours on a chair, in front of the computer or typewriter, with very little exercise to relieve the body, is more prone to suffering from chronic back pain. What may start off as a mild pain in the back, can progressively become one of the most debilitating problems you can face.

Most of us do not consider ergonomics and body posture when we are intently focusing on how to make money from home. However, it's very important to do that, so that long hours of tapping away at the keyboard do not become excruciatingly painful for you.

Therefore, invest in an ergonomic keyboard and chair and, if possible, try to incorporate some simple exercise into your routine. Take a break from work and walk around for a while, avoid eating lunch at the computer, and every few hours give yourself a longer break.


Stress is not a syndrome that's reserved for the CEOs and the big shots of high profile businesses. Anybody can suffer from stress related problems, which happen for a number of reasons. Lack of exercise, a set routine, discipline, social interaction, etc can all combine to cause you stress while you innocently try to make money from home.

Stress slows down the blood flow through the spine and muscles and also tightens your back muscles. Symptoms of stress are sleep disturbance, indecisive behavior, lack of concentration, and headaches. If you notice these symptoms, it's time to go and get some help for yourself.

Computer Related Problems

Most of the make-money-from-home schemes generally require working on the computer for long period of time and there are several problems that can be caused by excessive use of the PC. Firstly, it can put a lot of strain on the eyes, which, in turn, can cause severe headaches. This can lead to dizziness and breathing problems. In addition to this, there is the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, where a nerve in the wrist is suppressed, causing the hand muscles to become weak.

These problems can be prevented by following simple measure like using a foot rest when you are working, taking breaks every now and then, following a healthy diet, stretching your body and flexing your muscles regularly, and investing in a large monitor for your computer so that it eases the strain on your eyes.


Yes, the dreaded word - obesity. A lot of people who make money from home have noticed that they put on weight. Well, that's bound to happen isn't it? Long hours in front of the computer, less hours exercising and working out... you can hardly expect otherwise. And along with obesity, comes other problems that are related to it, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and cholesterol.
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