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Take care of your skin with one of the natures energy booster honey. The incredible properties of honey are known to world but its limited. The golden liquid or thick liquid with brown color cares and works your skin, hair and health. Some tips in your daily routine diet with honey: Replace the sugar in your tea with honey for a refreshing surge of energy. Other than its benefits it has a great and sweetie taste. Usage of honey in pudding, desserts are so lovable. Honey moderate metabolic stress and lowers the risk for insulin resistance, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and hypertension.

Face mask with honey content is now in use:
Basic mask with raw honey- so mild on skin (esp. Sensitive skin) benefits from its placid purifying effects. Apply 1tbspn of raw honey on face as mask and rinse it off after 20minutes time. Use twice in a week.
Oily skin treatment: - use honey carrot face mask- take 2-3 carrots with 4 tbpsn of honey and cool it after that apply on your face and wash off after 10 minutes. Use cool water to rinse off. Carrot and honey are rich in vitamin A and C; antioxidants. Honey egg mask -Dry skin- Take 1tbpsn honey and yoghurt, 1 egg yolk, almond oil half tbpsn, stir the contents till it get sticky. The contents stimulates and moisturise also tightens the pores by purifying. Instead of egg you can avocado in this paste, a better anti aging facial mask.
Bee pollen mask will help in patch-up the skin that is affected with acne, rosacea, eczema etc. Honey is used in many commercial products like moisturizer, shampoo, conditioner, creams etc. It is good for Organic and natural remedy for skin ailments prevents from acne, eczema, rosacea, arthritis etc. Honey content is in Facedoctor products for a glossy skin and hair. Consume honey with water in everyday morning is good for weight loss and reduces the fat content in body.

Immunity builder- it comprises antioxidants, sustains the enhancement of digestive system
Hair care- Honey and cinnamon mixture prevents hair fall
Cancer preventive properties
Relaxes the throat- gargle honey with water if you have a sore throat
Natural humectant- attracts and retains the moisture
Induces sleep - use milk and honey stuff - hot milk with 1 tbpsn of honey helps in induce sleep and calms the soul.
Anti-healer natural healer can apply on wounds; kills the infection causing bacteria

Honey is a best known for anti-aging. It also resist: premature aging, Obesity, food poisoning, sun burn, brittle nails, high cholesterol level, eczema. It has a hygroscopic nature i.e. naturally absorbs the moisture thus prevents drying. Experience the golden liquids boon. It gets traps the moisture in skin and hair make it more healthy and radiant.
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