Circuits Made Easy Whether You Are at Home, at Work Or on Holiday!

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Don't have the time in your day for a Gym session? Kids sick and can't get to Boot camp? Don't despair I will show you 3 easy circuits you can do at home and it will only take you a couple of minutes each day! My mini circuits allow you to exercise anywhere and at anytime whether you are home or on holidays.
Do one complete workout or add a few together to really step up the intensity and keep it fun and interesting.
These circuits I have divided up into 3 different workouts Remember each program only goes for a few minutes and will be over before you know it.
I haven't included a warm up or cool down so you feel free to warm up in any fun way you wish Skipping, Dancing, hanging out that washing (this is a great warm up as you bend down and reach up you are lunging and warming up those legs) even folding up that washing just place the basket on the ground squat down and place the folded washing up on a high table.
Use the stairs; use your imagination just warm up for at least 5 minutes before starting one of the circuits.
Do each exercise for at least 1 minute before moving on but aim to complete total number of repetitions.
Repeat each circuit 3-6 times depending on your time and of course your fitness level.
Try to set a target number before you start so aim for 2 sets as a beginner and progress up as your fitness improves.
Have Fun! Workout 1 Lower Body Split Jump Lunges or Lunge Leaps 8-12 repetitions Get into a lunge position making sure that your front knee does not lean over your toes.
Lower yourself to the ground and then leap into the air and switch legs and lower back to lunge position and repeat again.
Squats with Dumbbell Shoulder Press 8-12 reps Squat down ensuring that you are sitting backward and your knees and not dropping forward over toes and press dumbbell up over head (keep them in your view to ensure no unwanted neck strain) Walking Lunge 15-20 reps Stand with your legs together step forward and lower into a lunge position, keeping weight back and not forward loading up unnecessary weight over our knees.
Now bring your back leg forward so it becomes your front and lower into another lunge.
Try to walk the length of the area you are in, and back again.
Chair Kicks 12-15 reps Place your hands on the seat of the chair.
Lean forward slightly and try to kick your legs up towards your but one at a time.
If this is too hard hold on to the back of the chair and curl one leg up and slowly release and then the other squeezing the bottom at the top.
Oblique Crunches 10-15 reps Lie on your back with your legs in the air.
Rest your hands behind your head and crunch up, then twist your stomach to one side, bringing the opposite elbow to our knee, repeat on the other side.
Try to do each movement in four seconds to really work your core muscles.
Workout 2 Upper body including Cardio Skipping 1-2 minutes aiming for 3 total rounds Until you get the gang of skipping you may find it hard to do this continuously for one minute.
After time you will get the hang of it and you can start to add in high knees, flicking up feet behind or out front and even moving left to right and back and forward for abdominals.
Star Jumps 1-2 minutes total of 3 rounds Try to jump high into the air and bring your hands above your head and your feet as wide as you can, you can advance to Power star jumps where you crouch down and hold for a second in the down phase and draw your arms into your chest and straight back out.
Beginners and those who are not able to do high impact can opt for an easy walk or forward and back step ( just move up and to the left side then bring your right leg back to start and follow with left and back down in the shape of a box.
Boxing 90 sec total rounds 3 Stand with one foot slightly in front of the other, bring your fists up to your chin and jab the air one hand at a time.
Light and fast is the key and remember to hold your tummy in and don't lock out your elbows.
Tip if you really want to tone those arms hold them straight out front elbows up in line with shoulder but not above and pulse with both arms together.
Go for 30 seconds straight down drop them hold them higher but so they are still in your view and look forward not up for 30 seconds then repeat pulses.
Triceps Holding both arms in front of your body and trying to make your elbow meet your arms will be at chest level.
Now slowly pulse your arms upward toward the sky slow is the key and try to keep elbows together.
If you are ready for the next level jump down and do some triceps push ups just like a push up only place your hands into a V shape.
Push ups 6-8 reps Do a push up at your level so you can start pressing against a wall or progress to a push up on your knees and finally toes.
Go down into a push up position shift your weight forward ensuring to engage your chest and back and make sure you keep your back flat and press down as far as you can and back up try to go slow and control (do not pulse up and down ) Reverse Curls 12-15 reps Lie on your back with your hands by your sides or under your bottom to support your lower back with knees slightly bent.
Slowly lower your legs to the floor until feet are almost touching then lift up again.
Try to go as slow as possible aim for 4 counts down and 4 up.
Workout 3 Upper and Lower body Reverse Lunges 12-15 Stand with feet shoulder width apart (if you would like to make this harder stand on a low step) step back off of step and into a backward lunge position, bring back leg forward to starting position and switch legs.
Make sure your weight is backward as your leg leaves the step and lunge deep dropping that back leg right down, try to control this exercise and the slower the better.
Squat Pulses 10-12 reps Stand with legs a bit wider than shoulder width apart and point your feet outwards.
Squat down and instead of rising all the way up again, just come up half way, and squat down again.
To take this one to the next level try to keep the pulses low and do 10 quick bottom half pulses and come up and repeat for 1 minute.
Sprints total 3 minutes Go for it if you have the room 10 seconds out and 20 seconds rest.
If you don't have the room or a bike or treadmill just sprint on the spot fast feet and raise those arms up in front not too high and go for it 20 seconds on 10 seconds rest and repeat 3 times.
Triceps Dips 10-15 reps Sit on the floor or even better sit on floor with your hands on the bottom step of your stairs.
Lift bottom off floor keeping your back as close as possible to the step, bend elbows and slowly lower butt towards the ground, then straighten arms again and repeat.
Push ups 6-8 reps Do a push up at your level so you can start pressing against a wall or progress to a pushup on your knees and finally toes.
Go down into a push up position shift your weight forward ensuring to engage your chest and back and make sure you keep your back flat and press down as far as you can and back up try to go slow and control (do not pulse up and down) As you get stronger at this try placing your feet up on a step and you will be on a decline making it harder.
And of course remember to cool down and do a few easy stretches.
Tip if you get this workout done early in the morning you can incorporate your stretching with a long hot shower.
So there you have it 3 easy to do anywhere circuits that need no equipment.
Charlotte Parker Certified Personal Trainer
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