How to Make a Felt Necklace

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    • 1). Pick your felt colors for your necklace. Make one that has a zebra look by alternating black and white felt or create one out of pink, red and white for Valentine's Day. You may choose colors that coordinate with a particular outfit or pick random shades of your choice.

    • 2). Draw circles onto the felt by tracing around a quarter or another round shape. Use a black marker to trace the circles. Any round object that is approximately 1/2 to 1 inch in diameter works for this craft project. Draw the circles close together to avoid wasting the fabric.

    • 3). Cut out each of the felt circles with a pair of sharp scissors. Have the adult do this step if working with young children.

    • 4). Thread a large needle with a piece of 4-foot-long black thread. Tie the two ends of the thread together to form a tight knot. This creates a necklace that is about 2 feet long. You can make the necklace any length you desire as long as it can slide over your head easily. An adult also may need to do the sewing if the children are too young to handle sharp needles.

    • 5). Pick beads with a hole in the center or even colorful buttons to add to the felt necklace if you desire.

    • 6). Push the needle into the center of one of the felt circles. Pull the needle out the other side and push the felt circle down to the knot in the thread. Repeat this with each felt circle. You can alternate colors with each circle or use one color to create a stack of circles that is 2 or 3 inches long and then start adding another color. This is a wise place to add one or more beads if you are using them.

    • 7). Cut the thread once you fill the length with the felt circles. Tie the knotted thread and the two loose ends together in a knot to form the necklace.

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