The Dangers of Gastric Bypass Surgery for Weight Loss

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According to several recent studies, gastric bypass surgery to cure obesity can have dangerous side effects that can severely harm a person's health and can even potentially prove to be fatal.
Some clients have experienced severe hypoglycemia (low blood glucose level) following meals as a result of high insulin levels, leading to blacking out and causing traffic collisions.
Other side effects of the supposed "one stop weight loss cure" include confusion, light-headedness, rapid heart rate, shaking, sweating, headaches in the morning, nightmares and much more.
This is frightening enough, but other side effects such as malnutrition, infection, bowel and gallbladder complications can combine and lead to deadly consequences due to the shock to the system.
Additionally, even though many clients have such surgeries to curb their excessive eating, after the surgery those old eating habits (such as eating in front of the TV, ignoring the "I'm full" signals their body sends, too much fast food, etc.
) are still there.
To expand on this, certain habits that have been reinforced through repetition - such as 'cleaning off your plate,' can also be canceled out through hypnosis.
In a nutshell, hypnosis allows access to the subconscious mind, where all of our habits are stored.
Think of it as certain computer programs stored on your computer's hard drive.
Once the program is activated, you go follow through on that program.
Automatically reaching out to shake someone's outstretched right hand is an example of an automatic behavior - we've done it so much that it's a conditioned response.
Eating in response to 'food still being on the plate' is for many people a conditioned response reinforced hundreds or thousands of times as they grew up.
The gastric bypass surgery does not address any of this.
After these drastic "weight loss surgeries" have been performed and the person continues eating, they are putting their lives literally at risk because they have not learned how to take care of themselves.
One of the easiest methods to eliminate these poor eating habits is through the use of hypnosis, which can help a person discover the underlying emotions that are driving the negative behaviors related to their weight issue.
Once these emotional attachments are removed, new healthier strategies can then be implemented in the mind.
By changing perceptions about food and what food means to a person, it enables a person to make their weight reduction a way of life rather than a temporary period.
Hypnosis is also great for helping a person overcome resistance to positive changes and makes it easier for them to live out all their healthy intentions.
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