Its Hard to Move On When You Cant Forget About Your Ex

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Breaking up, as the song goes, is hard to do but moving on is the tricky part, since lovers in their romantic heyday tend to gloss over the how to get over your ex section of a relationship schema. No one desires failure, especially in a committed relationship that normally requires a lot of effort, devotion and time to sustain and cultivate. It takes two people to make a relationship work, but apathy of one is enough to shake the foundations of a partnership. Whether one or both has decided to hang in the relationship towel for good, trudging the hostile path through Splitsville might be a challenging or overwhelming ordeal.

Here are 4 tips that can help a newly single person overcome the aftermath of a breakup.

1. Cutting losses and severing obsolete ties
The end of an affair is the time for rediscovery. It's the opportunity for introspection and re-establishing one's bearings to prepare for the path that lies ahead€"that's why it's imperative not to hold on to the past by detaching from personal effects and romantic keepsakes that would be detrimental to moving on. It's also advisable to re-establish one's personal space and the best way of achieving this is to implement a no contact rule that would serve the best interest of both parties involved in the breakup especially if there's really no turning back.

2. Allowing pain and frustration to wash over and dissipate
It is perfectly alright to grieve the demise of a relationship when masking or denying hurt feelings only adds more to the pain. Thinking that there isn't any point to crying over spilt milk may prove counter-productive later on. One way or another, emotions need an outlet and crying over a relationship for a day or two (instead of months down the line) can be cathartic. There is a healthy way of going through the process of rebounding and healing from a relationship and throwing a brief pity party is a natural part of how to get over your ex.

3. Getting back on one's own two feet
After going through the motions of being sentimental and €emo,' it's also important to get back into the swing of things. Being single again isn't that bad even if it doesn't seem like it fresh from a breakup. Clearing one's head and resolving one's innermost feelings and staying active all help to create a brighter, more promising picture of a single life. Taking up a favorite activity that was temporarily put on hold because of the ex happened to be not that into it or learning new things allows a newly single person to reclaim their individuality. This is the perfect opportunity to branch into unexplored interests and pursue plans that were put on the back burner. In no time the stinging residue of a failed romance will be the thing of the past.

4. Reconnecting and staying connected with family and friends
Being in love with a significant other and committed to an exclusive relationship can sometimes result to being scarce around other loved ones. In some cases, lovers that let their lives revolve around their partners' run the risk of taking dear family and friends for granted. It's crucial to have one's support system not only in times of crisis, but also in times of triumph and surely friends and family would want to see their loved one overcome hurdles by helping them pick up the pieces. How to get over your ex may be utterly bewildering without the loving support of good friends and family.
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