The Hearing Test Delay

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There are a lot of things that go into cooking a meal.
First, someone has to figure out the ingredients.
After that they must secure the ingredients, which can sometimes be difficult.
Once all of the ingredients are secured; then the person must take all necessary steps to make sure the meal is prepared properly.
It usually takes these steps just to make a small home dish for a family of four.
So, you can only imagine how difficult it would be to actually prepare meals for large numbers of people in a restaurant kitchen.
Although some people may not realize it, cooking in a restaurant or other large kitchens doesn't just require that someone is an expert cook.
However, it also requires that they have properly functioning ears.
If not, they could mess up orders, which could reflect badly on their reputation along with the restaurant itself.
Just imagine if someone who couldn't hear very well decided to work in a restaurant as a cook.
Because of their superb skills, it didn't take much for them to convince the owner that they were capable of doing the job.
So, during their first day, they were extremely excited, although they were experiencing a slight earache that had been persistent over the past two weeks.
However, they ignored the pain and decided to work through it.
What they didn't realize, however, was that they were in dire need of a visit to an audiologist along with a hearing test.
Yet, they forged ahead to work.
During the early hours, everything seemed to have been going rather smoothly.
That' may have been due to the fact that the restaurant got most of their customers during the dinner and lunch hours.
So, it was rather quiet in the kitchen, making it extremely easy to hear.
After a few hours had passed, things had begun to become more intense.
It became almost chaotic in the kitchen.
People were constantly yelling orders to the back.
For most of the workers, it didn't faze them too much because they were used to it.
However it seemed as if the new worker was having trouble.
This was surprising to everyone including the new chef because he had a great deal of experience in chaotic kitchens.
However, he had never messed up as many orders as he did on this particular day.
The supervisor finally got fed up and sent the new chef home for the rest of the day.
On his way home, he didn't really have much time to be depressed about the situation.
That's because his earache had become even worse.
Instead of driving home, he pushed himself to go to the nearest hearing test center to see an audiologist.
After speaking with the specialist, they learned that they had experienced hearing loss and their earache was a warning sign.
If only they had come to take a hearing test at the onset of their issues, the audiologist could have prevented most of the damage.
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