Get Coaching Clients by Making Coaching With You Enticing

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There are so many pieces to the puzzle when you start out as a coach and take your first steps to market your coaching business.
It is not unusual to be paralyzed with a feeling of complete overwhelm due to the magnitude of information you will come across and need to learn.
Many coaches neglect to focus on one aspect of learning at a time so they can master that aspect and move on to the next skill.
One of the skills that is often overlooked is copywriting.
Copywriting is crucial to the success of your marketing efforts and most coaches who marketing their business on the Internet will tell you that copywriting is not something they want to outsource because knowing your client and their wants, needs, and desires is so important to the process.
Most copywriters will not know your client as well as you do so you may be better served to write your own copy.
Establish a Vision You must start with a vision for your copy and your coaching business.
When you start with a vision that reflects your strong sense of purpose for your business then you come across as far more knowledgeable and confident as a coach.
When you are thinking about your vision focus on the greatest goals you wish to achieve in your coaching business.
If you could give three benefits to your clients what would those benefits be? What would be the greatest outcome for any client to gain from coaching with you? Gotta Have It What is it that you offer coaching clients that they must have? What is it that people in your coaching niche are hungry for? Sometimes the hunger is hidden and not apparent to the untrained eye.
What is it that your clients really mean when they talk about their greatest challenges? Relationship coaches may hear that someone is looking for a better relationship when they first speak to a client.
Then after further discussion the coach may find that many of their clients actually have a problem communicating with their relationship partners.
So the stated need was a good relationship but the actual need was to improve communication skills.
You will have to dig down into your experience as a coach to get past the stated needs of your target coaching niche and find the true needs and challenges.
When you touch on the true needs of your target coaching niche you have hit true motivators.
You gain instant credibility and acceptance when you can identify someone's true challenge especially when they were not actually able to identify it themselves.
Have you ever had the experience where you thought you had one problem but then you heard someone talking about their situation and as they spoke you realized that they were describing your challenge but that they gave it a different label? For example, a business coach may speak to a group and someone thinks that they have a problem with time management but after listening to a speaker they realize that the desire is actually to earn more money with less effort.
Simply cramming more into their day will not help them reach their goal.
These are the "gotta have it" needs that you must draw out with your copy.
Some people can benefit from your coaching simply by reading your copy and identifying their actual challenges.
Helping others identify their true challenge is one of the side benefits of writing great copy.
Imagine being able to actually serve others with your advertising copy.
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