Get The Healthy Benefits Of Green Olives

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We consume olives in different ways in our daily routine, in our salads, sandwiches, pizzas, etc, be it the essential fruit or the super healthy oil. Even though more attention is given to its delicious oil than the whole fruit, olives are one of the world's most widely popular foods with numerous health benefits. Categorically classified in the class of the fruits of the Olea Europea tree, olives are considered both as a piquant vegetable and a fruit. However, it is a fruit that can harvested in September, but is available round the year. A moderate intake of olives daily is what a doctor or nutritionist will advise you to stay healthy and also, beautiful as olives have numerous beneficial properties for shining skin.

You can find a variety of olives that can be used for an assortment of purposes. The most used of all kinds of olives is the green olive. The tangy citrus flavored olive is a perfect one with food containing fish and in recipes that require sweet spices. One can also use these olives when oil is not required as they contain less oil, gives a strong flavor and are firm flesh in comparison to the fully ripened black olives. Green olives are processed in a time period of 40-day natural pickling, with a variable harvest time in accordance with the deviations in weather conditions and manufacturing areas.

The olives grown in hilly areas are harvested after the ones that grow in the valleys. It is done because lower temperature postpones the ripening process. However, in average seasons the harvesting of olives starts in early September and ends around the mid of October. You can buy them in a variety of shapes and sizes as all are prepared using various methods such as roughened, pitted, chopped, or stuffed with sweet pepper, garlic, fish, or pretty much anything that is desired.

There are various websites operating these days, offering you the option of shopping healthy eatables like olives, online. For instance, the sweet roasted red peppers can be bought online as well and are adequately versatile so that you can add it to your breakfast, lunch or dinner. You just need to sauté them in extra virgin olive oil and add a few eggs in order to give a healthy and positive start to your day with a high protein breakfast. They are best used for dishes like garbanzo beans in order to provide a colorful hummus dip, in potato salad or as a component of a kebab.
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