Could You Let it All Go?

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I began by saying that I wanted to lighten up.
I wanted to give away my books, furniture, extra stuff so that I could be free and unbound anytime I wanted to move.
I did.
That was 15 years ago.
I've stayed fairly light in my personal life all these years.
But about five years ago, I took on a second business project; one with lots of inventory.
The project took on various incarnations, and all the while, I was lugging tons of inventory around here and there.
I felt my energy dragging.
I was depressed.
I was exhausted.
I was becoming more and more bound, and all the while, also trying to manage my regular business.
Though I'd had fun, it was now a burden and a drain.
It sapped all my energy, and with very little energy, it's difficult to find the enthusiasm that is required for a great financial payback.
About a month ago, the night after another failed event, I had a dream.
It was a shabby, unmistakable dream about what to do.
The exhausted old woman finally died, leaving all her filth behind in the dark, poorly lit bedroom where she had been living for months.
Let it go.
Let it all go.
I had a huge garage sale four days later.
Gave away what I didn't sell.
I had to get back to the way it was; my work be simply me with as little encumbrance as possible; a massage table, a tarot deck, a computer and a phone would be my only tools again.
I felt free and light and scared and excited, all at once.
I had forgotten that I am all I can offer the world.
I was daydreaming later about the current changes I was planning for my business.
I'm a storyteller.
I'm a healer and I use story as one of my tools.
I begin with the symbols of the Tarot, and the story arises.
The client sees how they are creating their own story, and what archetypes are working with them.
The thought came to me that it would be amazing to find a cuentista or a curandera in Central or South America with whom I could study.
I thought she would have something to tell me and something to teach me.
The thought entered and left, a bit like, "I wonder what to cook for dinner tonight.
" Next day I got the call.
"There's a house in Brazil.
It's yours to develop into a small bed and breakfast as a fundraiser for the street kids' project you're working on.
" Let's see..
Let go of business.
Make wish for South American study.
The house arrives.
The opportunity arises.
Can I let it all go, and just show up?Could you?
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