How A Dumb, Pimple-Faced Loser Became An Irresistible, Raging Romeo (Part 2 of 3)

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In the last article part 1, I related true stories of how several of my students achieved extraordinary romantic dalliances simply by utilizing my special mind power "love potion" method.
Following now is the beginning sequence.
-- Warning - Handle with care - Dangerously Powerful -- I've resisted revealing this wholesale before, because it's so devastatingly powerful, and if used frivolously, it may result in noteworthy suffering.
I myself, irresistibly but inadvertently, attracted an ex, now married.
(Not Cool) At two other times I "accidentally" pulled girlfriends away from best friends.
(Twice Not Cool) So, here's your safety warning: Do not use on someone you PERSONALLY know.
If there's a famous celebrity you idolize, fine; go for it.
Just do not pinpoint, In Part 3 of this article, someone you've actually met face to face.
OK? So now, here are 3 basic steps with substeps and commentaries.
============================ 1.
============================ This step is not absolutely essential, but nevertheless highly recommended: (a) Briefly, use your favorite meditation method, if you know of one.
(b) Alternately, use a calming voiceless audio track.
Try surfing the net with 'Free Relaxation Music download'.
Or simply buy some soothing ambient music at your favorite music store.
(c) Use a relevant binaural or preferably an isochronic audio track.
========================================= 2.
========================================= This step is not absolutely essential, but nevertheless highly recommended: (a) Compose and memorize your precise intention in less than 4 words.
: 'my perfect partner', or 'world's coolest boyfriend', or 'my hottest lover ever' or 'my ideal mate', or 'my perfect soul mate' etc.
(b) Eyes closed, visualize this as clearly as you possibly can: You're alone on a disused airfield runway with a spouted container in your hand full of bitumen tar.
Using the spouted can as a lettering tool, write your above intention in large script letters onto the runway tarmac.
In other words, you use the spout of your tar-filled container as a huge type of pen and write in flowing scripted (connected) letters the words; "my ideal soul mate" (or phrase of your choosing) right onto the runway.
So now you see the runway with your message poured on it, right? (c) Good.
Now a burning torch magically appears in your hand.
This is not a battery-powered torch.
This is the type of spluttery, flaming torch consisting of a thick meter long stick tipped with inflammable soaked rags, just like the one Indiana Jones might have used.
============================================== 3.
============================================== Now, armed like a tomb raider, you touch the end of your blazing torch to the words of your runway message.
Each word in turn, in reverse order.
So, in the above example, touch: 'mate', 'soul', 'ideal', 'my', in that sequence.
Makes sense? As you set alight each word of tar, it virtually explodes in a huge blistering fireball, generating roaring heat, thick smoke and hot tar fumes.
You need to stand way back, it's so hot.
For a while, you watch it burn, burn, burn.
Presently, you look down at your hand and again magically, the burning torch has become a gushing fireman's hose, all fully connected to a fire hydrant (somewhere out of view).
With this, you now hose down your message, a word at a time, in forward order this time.
So extinguish in order; my, ideal, soul, mate.
Experience the sizzling and the spluttering and enormous plumes of white hot steam.
In time, most of the action has subsided, but as you look down at your message, you notice that it has 'embossed' itself into the runway surface.
There for all time.
Clear as day.
Burnt into your brain.
Think how incredible this all is and let the entire image slowly fade away.
I know how complicated all this seems at the moment, but once you've gone through the exercise a few times, you'll wonder what all the fuss was about.
Stay with this.
You'll soon come to realize how exceptionally powerful this process really is.
It burns your insanely clear and bright and perfect intention right into your brain like no other method in existence can.
If you haven't freaked out yet, you will soon, in the continuation in part 3.
Seek it out.
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