How to Select a Golf Wedge

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    • 1). Pay close attention to the bounce of a wedge. Bounce means the angle created by the sole of the club and the leading edge of the club face, and it will affect how smoothly a wedge makes it through sand or grass. A bounce number is assigned to a wedge with the lower ones for low bounce and higher ones for standard bounce. It should match up with the playing conditions of your golf course. For instance, if the grass and sand are firm and you take small divots, buy a wedge with a lower bounce. If you take large divots because the conditions are soft at your course, choose a wedge with a higher bounce.

    • 2). Choose a wedge based on its loft. In the past, there were only pitching and sand wedges, but now manufacturers have added gap and lob wedges to their offerings. The loft of a wedge will determine which type of wedge it is. Most pitching wedges have a loft of 46 degrees while a sand wedge is typically about 54 degrees. And a gap wedge usually fits between those two and will be about 49 to 50 degrees. Finally, lob wedges have lofts of about 60 degrees or higher.

    • 3). Analyze your typical round of golf to determine what kind of wedge you should buy. Most sets of clubs usually come with a pitching wedge and a sand iron, so you are looking for either a gap wedge or a lob wedge to give you more options. So, if your course is long, and you have a lot of shots that must travel greater distances, you probably should be looking for a gap wedge. However, if your course is short, and you have a lot of delicate shots to get close to the pin, a lob wedge probably is what you need.

    • 4). Buy a wedge that is the proper length, and has a grip that is similar to the other clubs in your bag. If you are tall, you may require a wedge that is longer than what you will find in the stores or golf shop. If you cannot find one that's appropriate for you, consider having the shaft replaced. Also, you have become used to the other clubs in your bag, so it make sense that the grip of your new wedge be relatively the same.

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