About Pregnancy Cream to Stop Stretch Marks

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    • The American Pregnancy Association states that nearly 90% of women will experience stretch marks during pregnancy and that they are one of the most discussed skin changes that occur while pregnant. While the application of creams and lotions that contain alpha hydroxy acids and vitamin E claim to prevent stretch marks, no medical studies have proven this statement.


    • While the goal of vitamin E cream and creams containing alpha hydroxy acids is to prevent the occurrence of stretch marks, Baby Center explains that there is no evidence that the creams work as they claim to, but they do help to keep growing bellies moisturized and reduce itching.Though not safe to use while pregnant, use of tretinoin cream within six weeks after giving birth has been shown to decrease the visibility of stretch marks, explains the Mayo Clinic.


    • Despite the lack of evidence that creams used during pregnancy stop stretch marks, there are a variety of treatments that can be performed after birth. The Mayo Clinic explains that in addition to the use of tretinoin cream, new mothers can try pulsed dye laser therapy, fractional photothermolysis, microdermabrasion, and excimer laser treatments to help reduce or eliminate stretch marks.

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