Use These Three Tips to Stop Rapid Hair Loss

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If you are suffering from rapid hair loss, do not worry as it may not be permanent.
Hair can come out for a variety of reason, such as stress or poor diet.
Additionally you may be having rapid hair loss simply because your hair is going through the resting phase and you are just losing more than usual.
There is a quick test to tell if you are actually losing hair, and that is to do the tug test.
This is done by getting about 20 or so strands of hair between thumb and forefinger and pulling them slowly but firmly.
If you find that you pull about half a dozen or so strands out , then you are losing hair; if that is the case then try these tips to see if they can slow down your rapid hair loss.
  1. Get additional B vitamins in your diet.
    Vitamin B6 is good for helping your hair as it helps the body handle stress, additionally it helps to metabolize protein and your hair is made of protein.
    It also gets more oxygen in your red blood cells which is needed for a healthy scalp.
    Another B vitamin to take is biotin: biotin is essential for hair growth and is often recommended by dermatologists to people suffering hair loss.
  2. Check your shampoo.
    Some shampoos contain salts and degreasers which are simply to harsh for the hair.
    Go for a shampoo that is softer and has natural cleansing agents in them like melaleuca oil.
  3. Boost Your Circulation.
    Hair like anything needs oxygen to be healthy, and you can get more to the scalp by improving the circulation through massage.
    Now you do not need to go and pay to get a professional massage done, simply take a bit longer when washing your hair and massage your scalp in small circular motions
Finally, the reason you may be losing hair is that you have inherited the pattern baldness genes from your parents.
If this is the case then it makes your scalp sensitive to a naturally produced chemical in your body called DHT, and it is this chemical that causes the hair loss.
Although this leads to permanent hair loss, there are actually ways to combat this and even regrow hair.
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