How to Make an Old Lady Wig

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    • 1). Purchase a base-wig cap that fits the head of whoever will wear the hair piece. Buy a base-wig cap and all necessary wig-making materials online or through your local professional costume store. Ask a costume store representative to measure your head, if necessary, to place a special order for a cap that fits exactly.

    • 2). Trim the edges of your wig cap if you feel any harmful poking or prodding of prefabricated synthetic tips.

    • 3). Fold a piece of synthetic gray hair in half. Feed the looped end of the hair through one of the wig cap netting holes along the neckline. Snag the loop with your ventilation holder or a hook. Pull the loop through the netting approximately 1 inch.

    • 4). Wrap the single strand of hair just below the loop around the hook. Pull the single strand through the loop until it is taught and the strand is tied to the netting. Repeat steps 4 and 5 with a silver strand of hair. Work your way upward toward the brow of the cap. Continue this process until the entire netting is filled with hair. Allow yourself seven to fourteen days to complete the wig.

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