Five Useful Tips For Brainstorming in the Workplace

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Brainstorming is a must have in today's work place to enable us be creative and solve the many challenges that we face.
As simple as it might sound to arouse the brain to think outside its usual confines there are other necessities that enable a brain storming exercise a worthwhile activity.
Below are some of the key elements we must have before we enter into this session.
Sleep If we plan on challenging our brains for new concepts and ideas then we must make sure that they are rested.
It is pointless going into a brainstorming exercise without any sleep.
Our ideas remain limited and we become irritable and easily frustrated when we hit any obstacles.
A brain storming exercise is not the answer to the problem it is a guide to get the answer to the problem.
If we are rested then we would have objectivity and recognize this.
If we are not rested we won't and the results are fruitless.
Time Time is needed for any brainstorming exercise.
If we are constantly watching the clock then we would struggle whilst searching for answers to our problem.
The mind may be able to work under pressure but within a time frame the results that it produces are constrained to the time it has.
In any event the key aspect of time in this context is to let us understand that the output is based on the time and effort that we put into it.
Openness The qualms that we fear in a brainstorming exercise must be put aside.
Although we should not spend time totally deviating from the problem to hand we should understand that answers come from the most unlikely places.
The whole idea for having this exercise implies that we are willing to be open to new thoughts and ideas that further guide us to an answer.
We should allow for everything and anything to get our mind moving in the direction in which we want them to.
Fun This is not an entertainment exercise yet it is important that we enjoy doing it.
If we do this under the constraints of rules that limit our openness then we would struggle to have our full range of ideas forthcoming.
We must be relaxed and enjoy what we do to allow the freedom of our minds to perform as required.
They would not perform if we are tense and under duress.
In these conditions our solutions are usually temporal rather than permanent.
Hope Most importantly there are no guarantees that a brainstorming exercise must produce the answers to our problem.
They are a useful exercise to seek those answers.
They do not guarantee anything.
The thing to remember after a brainstorming exercise is that we are usually a step further into the problem than we were before we started.
Time spent on anything is never lost even when it appears to be regressive.
If we have hope and faith in what we are doing then the answers are bound to follow.
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