Types of Cooking Products

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You may have often come across a section in the supermarket that has cooking utensils and equipments.
However, if you never paid attention to it earlier and now if you have decided to get hold of your kitchen and manage it, there are a few basic things that you will have to know about cooking products so that you can buy and use them in future.
Cooking products consists of pots and pans of different sizes, types and materials that are used for specific purposes in the kitchen.
There are a few basic products that are used commonly in every household.
A frying pan is commonly used for frying or sauteing foods.
It may come in a variety of materials, but the most popular is the non-stick surfaced pans.
It has a flat bottom with short sides and a handle.
This makes it easier to toss food while cooking due to its structure.
They generally come with a cover which can be given on top of the food while leaving it on low flame to be cooked completely.
A wok is a bowl shaped pan used to cook food quickly at a high flame.
Woks are available made of different materials such as carbon steel, cast iron and stainless steel.
It usually has two handles on both sides to hold it steadily while cooking.
Food can be deep fried into it and due to its round and deep structure the oil has a lesser risk of falling out.
A saucepan is a round pot used for a number of purposes such as cooking vegetables, preparing gravy and making sauces and soups.
In some homes it also used to prepare tea as milk, water and tea are added and left to cook for a while.
Some saucepans also come with covers so that the liquid being prepared inside does not get evaporated.
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